Victorian tradies charge 7.3% less than national average

Victoria remains the cheapest state to hire a tradie in Australia, according to new data by tradie comparison site Great news for anyone planning to renovate this quarter, but not so positive for Victorian tradies.

“Lower demand for renovation services has driven down tradies’ prices this quarter. Renovation activity has slowed since the recent spike in property prices,” says CEO Jeremy Levitt. “Renovators should take advantage of the lower prices and get their jobs done now.” 

The quarterly Tradie Price Index reveals tradie prices in Victoria are the lowest in Australia, sitting 7.3 per cent below the national average. With tradie prices at a low in Victoria, what can you expect to pay for an hour of a tradies’ time?

Plumbers take the prize as the state’s most expensive tradie, charging an average of $72.61 per hour. Although this number is still high compared to other industries, the price has dropped 7.2 per cent on last quarter. Electricians are the second most expensive Victorian tradie ($71.68 per hour), despite dropping 2.20 per cent on last quarter.

And the best deals?

Painters are oversupplied in the state, with competition levels 90 per cent greater than the national average. This is reflected in their prices, charging the lowest in the state of $40.65 per hour. Landscaping follows at $49.25 per hour, dropping a massive 13.3 percent on last quarter, and 17.20 per cent on last year- meaning that if you’ve been hesitating, now’s the time to fix up your garden. Plastering ($50.95), and carpentry ($52.42) follow respectively. The price of building has increased by 6.10 per cent on last year, now sitting at an average of $61.33 per hour.

Plumbers and carpenters face much less competition in Victoria, which is a good opportunity for those working in these industries to capitalise on the undersupply. Hourly rates are “gross” rates and aside from including the cost of labour, also cover the cost of running the business including insurance, tools, work vehicles, insurance and superannuation.

The prices were derived by comparing a sample of 52,000 quotes submitted during the FY17 Q3 through For further information, or to see the full table of hourly rates and prices, please click here.

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