Top 5 kitchen appliance trends for 2017

ILVE‘s Australian Managing Director Jamey Colbert gives his insight on kitchen trends and must-haves for the coming year.

  1. Steam Ovens
    2016 was the year steam cooking started to become a prominent and integral part of day-to-day life and it looks like it’s going to be even more of a must-have in 2017. A demand for nutritious meals in Australian households has, in turn, led to healthier lifestyles. As a result of this trend, steam ovens and, in particular, combination steam ovens, which combine the benefits of steam cooking with all the necessities of a traditional oven, will become a key part of the kitchen planning process for health conscious, modern day consumers.
  2. Streamlined Design
    Kitchen design looks like it will become even more streamlined and minimalistic in 2017. Therefore, it is likely that there will be a big push to concealed rangehoods as they are specifically devised to blend in with the kitchen ceiling and designed to be unimposing within the kitchen space, unlike other traditional island-style hoods.
  3. Black Glass Finish
    The huge popularity of Stainless Steel appliances has always been driven by what’s available, however now with advancements in manufacturing technology, there are many alternatives about to be launched into the marketplace in 2017.  We have launched our black glass range to cater for what we believe to be the next most popular choice to stainless steel.
  4. Coloured Appliances
    Australian interior design is often inspired by European styling and in 2017 Europe’s current trend for coloured appliances will cross over into Australian design. People are looking for inspiration beyond common stainless steel appliances and are choosing colour as a point of difference in their kitchen. This trend started some years ago with small bench top appliances, such as kettles and toasters, but it is now organically filtering its way into major appliances. ILVE has embraced this trend and offers freestanding cookers in over 1600 different custom colours.
  5. Outdoor Living
    The boundaries between indoor and outdoor living will become more fused than ever before and the outdoor area, whether it be a compact balcony or a sprawling back garden, will truly be seen as an extension of the home. This means people will be investing more into quality outdoor furniture as well as stainless steel barbecues as they are resistant to humidity, salt spray and weathering, perfect for the Aussie elements. It will become popular for consumers to plan their outdoor living space in a similar way to designing their kitchen.

Jamey Colbert is the Managing Director of Eurolinx, distributor of ILVE appliances in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and China. ILVE are handcrafted Italian kitchen appliances which represent over 50 years of tradition, continuous technological research, and relentless innovation.

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