Tips to jazz up an outdoor space

Achieving a beautiful and vibrant outdoor living area where you can entertain family and friends as well as relax in your own space, need not take a major overhaul. It can be as simple as adding a splash of colour in the form of textiles, or the addition of greenery to create an inviting ambience. Here are a few tips to get the imagination going using functional pieces which will bring pleasure as well.

  1. Applying colour to the table in the form of a fun tablecloth will automatically set the mood. Layering the tablecloth with a runner of a different texture or contrasting coloured napkins adds another dimension.
  2. Put some simple fresh flowers or plants in small vessels to bring nature to the table.
  3. Gather serving platters, trays and dinnerware in contrasting materials to create an eclectic style setting.
  4. A fruit infused water station in the form of a dispenser or jug will serve as cool refreshing flavoured hydration.
  5. Hanging or wall planters will add greenery even in the smallest of outdoor spaces.
  6. Background music to bop along to always helps!
  7. Lighting in the form of fairy lights or spot lights help to create an inviting ambience.
  8. Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living is a tactic – wide open doors with flooring that flows could work with outdoor rugs connecting the indoor and outdoor areas.
  9. Adding cushions to outdoor seating will create an inviting area for comfort. Wicker chairs with soft cushions are a great for a rustic look, while wooden or metal create a modern feel.

Lorella Pellizzari launched Casetta Living (Italian for ‘Little Home’) in 2016, a boutique homewares and gifts online store that embraces the challenge of creating a beautiful ambience with distinctive pieces that reflect both the innovative design capabilities in Australia, and developing global trends. 

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