Somerfield community social club receives $25,000 for events

Intrapac Property is proud to announce the presentation of a $25,000 cheque to the volunteer Somerfield Community Social Club as it transitions after the final land sales, marking a decade of involvement in the area.

“We’re proud to be able to contribute in this way to the hard-working Somerfield Community Social Club, recognising the importance the events have played in creating a cohesive, vibrant and welcoming community,” says Intrapac Property COO Maxwell Shifman. “It’s been incredibly rewarding to revitalise the Keysborough area, as well as to watch the neighbourhood come alive for residents. Not only has it been a savvy investment to buy into Somerfield, but residents have been able to enjoy and create incredible memories for their families thanks to the social club.”

The Somerfield Community Social Club was founded in October 2013 after resident Rolando Navas, who lives in the neighbourhood with his wife and two young children, approached Intrapac Property with the suggestion. “Intrapac has been so supportive from the very beginning and embraced the concept we proposed of forming the club,” said Navas. “Without their funding and support, it simply wouldn’t have got off the ground. It’s run by residents for residents and we hope to keep it going for many years to come.”

The social club’s inaugural meeting drew over 30 residents at the old sales office before a committee was formed. There have been more than 20 events since that day, including celebrations of the diverse communities in the development, such as Diwali, Chinese New Year, Easter, and Christmas Day. “I could not think of anywhere else I’d rather live,” says social club member and local business owner Adele Clausen. “Being part of the social club is an honour and I love getting to know all of my neighbours and watching the children have a blast at every event.”

The events have been a chance for families in the neighbourhood to meet each other and for children to make friends in their area. “It’s also been a way for residents to get to know about other cultures and their traditions and celebrations,” said Shifman. “The club has brought lots of colour, a real community feel to the area and a place for volunteers get to know each other as they help out at the events.”

Visit the Somerfield website for more information. 

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