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Sleep tips


Does your bed?

  • Maintain spinal alignment
  • Provide complete support for your body
  • Manoeuvre easily
  • Suit children
  • Feature extra edge support
  • Work in unison with your pillow
  • Absorb minimal body impressions over time
  • Minimise partner disturbance
  • Easily accommodate sheeting 
  • Help avoid morning backache
  • Come in a variety of densities for choice

(Source: SLEEPY’S)


“The spine naturally curves forwards in the neck, backwards in the mid back and forwards again in the lower back. In this position, the spine is relaxed with minimal pressure on nerves, muscles and spinal discs.”

Stomach: This will eventually create problems with your spine – it puts unnecessary pressure on your neck due to twisting your head and placing strain on your back

Side: Try lying with your lower leg relatively straight and bend your upper leg at the hip and knee. Place a pillow between your knees to reduce pressure on the spine and provide alignment. Your pillow should keep the neck straight.

Back: Place a pillow under your knees to maintain the natural curves of your spine and reduce lower-back strain. The head pillow should also keep the neck straight to reduce strain on its curves.

(Source: CAA)

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