Jen Waite: Winter styling trends to spruce up your home

What home styling trends should people expect this winter?
This winter, warmth and comfort take centre stage in home styling. A house that feels instantly comfortable and warm when you step in the door is key to a winter look. Faux furs, chunky knits and natural textures are all big this season.

What colour palettes should people look at when styling their homes this winter?
Beautiful tones from nature are very popular this year, especially with Greenery being Pantone’s colour of the year. Dark woods and rich greens are a wonderful combination, as are other jewel tones. Monochrome is always very popular and this winter is no exception. Pair it with blonde wood for a minimalist look or with velvet and brass for a more luxurious vibe.

What three winter styling items should every living room have?
A soft rug is always a must in a living area, particularly if you have floorboards or tiles. It really defines a space and helps tie it together, as well as being comfortable underfoot. A chunky throw rug is great for tossing across a sofa or armchair, and adding texture and interest to the space. Plants are a fantastic styling tool as they add interest to virtually any space and work for both winter and summer.

What three winter styling items should every bedroom have?
A gorgeous faux fur throw is such a wonderful addition to a winter bedroom – draped across the foot of the bed it adds a real feel of cosiness to the room. Textured decorator cushions are a must. Mix things up a bit with different colours, shapes and textures to create interest. Bedside lamps are also a great styling accessories for the bedroom, as well as being functional pieces for creating ambience.

What are the easiest ways to make your home cosier this winter?
The best ways to achieve a cosy winter vibe are by bringing in warmer colour tones and adding texture in the form of chunky knits, faux furs and woven fibres.

If you had to pick 3 – 5 things from the Lorraine Lea catalogue for instantly brightening up a home, what would they be and why?
I love the Noni quilt cover, it’s an absolute fave of mine. The monochromatic colour goes with everything and the design feels clean and bright for winter. The Grayson throw is another favourite, with its soft but chunky texture. It’s almost like it beckons you to curl up in it, plus it comes in four moody winter colour-ways, which you can layer up for a warm and snuggly vibe. The Chinchilla cushion cover is so versatile, it can be used almost everywhere in a home and can be mixed and matched effortlessly with other pieces from the range. The Margaret rug is an excellent staple piece to have because it transcends seasons and areas. The natural colour and texture fit perfectly into a warmer look for winter months, but also adds to a cooler style when summer eventually makes an appearance again.

How can people keep their homes both warm and stylish this winter?
First and foremost, the key to clever home styling is to choose pieces that are functional. Make sure the stylish winter look you’re after works for your family. You can easily create warmth in the living room by using lots of textured cushions and throws. These not only look great, but can be used to snuggle into whilst watching TV. Using stylish, yet warm floor rugs also adds to the cosiness and keeps toes from getting cold. Flannelette sheets are also a wonderful way to keep warm in bed, and in contrasting colours to your quilt cover, can really add interest and depth to the bedroom.

With a life-long passion for interiors Melbourne-based mother-of-three, Jen Waite founded White Fox Styling in 2015. Jen indulges her creative side every day and works with clients to style inspiring spaces. Jen Waite is now Lorraine Lea’s new Winter Styling Partner.

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