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When jetsetting across the globe, one is privileged enough to experience different styles of architecture that have developed across different cultures. From the high-rise modernity in Singapore and dainty English townhouses to the crisp white and royal blue Greek villas, architecture around the world is cultured, inspiring and original. Each nook and cranny of the planet contains its own unique designs and styles, but what’s to say that we can’t adopt and combine individual elements of these fascinating buildings to create a new home we love? We all have values, beliefs and styles that are important to us, so evidently each of our homes will be designed and decorated differently. For some of us, choosing our style and decorating our homes is easy; but what if you’re unsure what your style is? With the help of World of Style by Porter Davis and some overseas travel research, hopefully here you will find or see something that inspires you to start designing your new home with some overseas influences. 

As a new-born city, Singapore has adopted a range of architectural styles. These styles include the pre-colonial Malay kampung houses raised on stilts, colonial shop houses, traditional places of worship, Art Deco architecture and the fascinating modern buildings that are spreading across and stimulating the city. Have you ever considered your new home being in an apartment complex? With limited space and a booming population, these building types are extremely common in Singapore and they come with many benefits. This is commonly described as resort-style living, considering that most complexes include swimming pools, gymnasiums and tennis courts, underground car parks, rooftop gardens and spectacular city views. The only trade-off with these incredible facilities is you have to share them with the rest of your building. In retrospect, this is a great way to get to know everyone and build a sense of community. The interiors of these apartments are typically modern and open, creating a spacious atmosphere despite the fact the space is smaller than a house. Cool, lightly coloured tile floors and white walls are common features of modern Singapore living. Natural fibres and timbers enhance this style, along with linen sofas and organic cotton bedlinen. To soften the space, try layering in traditional decor and ornaments, such as artworks, pillows and sculptures. 

If the contemporary and modern style is not for you, perhaps consider a more traditional elegance. Interested in history and classical architecture? Next stop – London. Take a step back in time where neighbourhoods are filled with English country cottages, Georgian terrace houses, Edwardian houses and many other period homes. These stunning buildings are full of history and many stories, but who’s to say you can’t style your interiors like this and start creating your own memories and moments? Think about feature wallpaper or a patterned-tile splashback to embellish the inside of your home in an old English decor. For a more modern and stylish twist, think about strong textures and tones in flooring and also contemporary tiles to give a refreshing backdrop to featured furniture.

World of Style by Porter Davis believes a combination of chrome, glass, wrought iron and timber build upon and extend this style through rich textures. Bed frames are a great place to explore wrought iron. Colour and pattern wise, consider the classic plaid English design in deep red and rich blue tones. Another suggestion by the Porter Davis design team is an industrial British atmosphere. To achieve this theme, contemplate a gorgeous blend of paisley, tweed and well-loved leather. The use of classic furniture, such as a Chesterfield couch mixed with an industrial-inspired coffee table, can also be a nice combination. Add warmth to your home through art and decor, including personal belongings that will begin to tell your family’s story. For a burst of colour, take inspiration from Toulouse, also known as la Ville Rose, which literally translates to the “pink city”. The houses and buildings in this city are all pink brick, a tint that provides the city with constant warmth – even in the cooler winter months. On the inside, modern interiors are typical with a vast colour palette. Vibrant red splashbacks, colourful rugs and other decorative items liven up the cool interiors.

Amsterdam is a place of pure beauty and magic with its twisting cobblestoned alleys and glistening canals. The houses along the canal are commonly slim, high and deep with elevated front doors that are only accessed via stairs due to the danger of flooding. Rich red and brown bricks with white ornamentation are an essential feature of the facade. To remain true to original Dutch design, a feature wall of exposed bricks would be a good start. It can be complemented nicely with concrete floors or tiles. Porter Davis describes the Dutch home as typically a crisp and contemporary design. Light blonde timbers work well in furniture and floors and suit a light, earthy colour palette of fabrics that you can build upon. Scandinavian furniture sits nicely in these modern interiors and complements the timbers. Porter Davis recommends large and abstract canvas artworks. Don’t forget to incorporate a typical Amsterdam bike with big wheels and a woven basket. A cute idea is to fill the basket with plants to bring a touch of nature into your home.  

Perhaps you want your house to be a place of relaxation and where you can escape the often dark and ever-changing Melbourne weather. If you dream of coming home to a resort-style retreat, it could be that some inspiration from Aegean Sea takes your fancy. The Cyclades Greek Islands are richly decorated with glowing white and Mediterranean blue buildings. The famous white churches, villas and shops are decorated with blue doors, windows and roofs, along with the cardinal red and hot pink hibiscus. The floors are paved stone and cool underfoot, giving an earthy and natural feel to the interiors of villas. Living in a home styled with a resort theme would be like constantly being on holidays. Who can possibly resist? 

World of Style states to establish your Greek Islands resort home, the use of strong textures is a must. White and oak timbers with a small hint of rattan will nicely complement the blends of blue and white with which your home will shine. White shutters will also help to establish that sense of Greek coastline or, if you’re feeling brave, you may choose to paint these shutters a rich blue similar to the shutters on island villas. Decorative ceramic lamps will mix nicely with splashes of ocean-blue vases placed around your home. A dominant use of stone accessories will fill your home with a natural and traditional Greek Islands villa atmosphere. Crisp and clean white with bursts of vibrant blue is the best colour scheme for your Greek resort home. It’s time to start getting creative and shaping your new home. Let your house show off your personality and be a place you feel comfortable yet also excited to spend time in. If you’re interested in discovering more themes, visit for motivation and to see styles such as New York, India, Positano and Colorado.

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Words and photos: Tiffany Copeland

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