Five ways to make your bathroom appear more spacious

Most homeowners believe their bathrooms are too small and with renovations often being a time-consuming and expensive job, many opt to make do with their bathroom situation. Luxury freestanding bath brand Victoria + Albert understands bringing that essence of luxury into a small bathroom can be difficult, especially when moving walls and changing floor plans isn’t an option. However, when you’re looking to make the most of your bathroom, a few visual tricks and accessories can give the impression of a bigger space. From lighting to illusions, being space savvy is easier than you think! Victoria + Albert, Marketing Director Jonathan Carter, offers his top five tips for making your bathroom appear bigger, without knocking down walls

1. Let the light in
Bathrooms are naturally private areas but don’t let this deter you from embracing natural light. Windows are a fantastic way to make a room appear bigger and shouldn’t be covered with dark, opaque covers. Instead invest in frosted windows or sheer curtains to gently let the light in without jeopardising your privacy. Consider investing in blinds that retract into the window surrounds – these are discreet and won’t bulk out the space in your bathroom.

2. Expand the mirrors
Installing more mirrors or expanding the current one is a great way to make even the smallest spaces feel bigger, plus more people can use it too and in tight areas every bit helps! A wide horizontal mirror will give the effect of an extended space while a vertical mirror will create the sense of a raised ceiling, giving more height. Mirrors will amplify light but be sure to know what the mirror will be reflecting. Before you mount or expand your mirrors, make sure it isn’t facing the toilet but instead on something more focal like your tub or window to highlight key features of your bathroom.

3. Don’t discount a freestanding bath
Contrary to popular belief, a freestanding bath opens up the walls and floor, creating a sense of light and space. The majority of homes feature a built-in bathtub, which take up more room and will make it appear smaller because it is boxed in. Freestanding baths can be adjusted and angled to allow for narrow or more compact spaces. It’s possible to integrate a classic/traditional look paired with metal feet, even in a small space. Plus, the sophisticated aesthetics of a freestanding bath can make for the perfect focal point, drawing the eye to the tub, and taking focus away from the size of the room. 

4. Less is more
Bathrooms are filled with a range of products and items and a cluttered room will make a space feel cramped. Try to eliminate mess by storing items out-of-sight in vanity cabinetry or drawers. The same can be said about accessories. Limit the number of towels on display and select one piece of artwork instead of multiple.

5. Keep the same tone
Try to keep the same or similar tones. For example, avoid dark walls with lighter tiles as this will give the illusion of a cut off space, making the room appear smaller. Opt for lighter colours, such as white, pastels or grays, which are light reflecting and give the illusion of a grander area. If you choose white, be sure to have some visual impact with a feature item at the end room to draw the eye, elongate the area and avoid leaving the room looking too sterile.

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