Five reasons you should switch to a freestanding bath

Designing a bathroom for your new, or soon-to-be renovated home, is a tough and time-consuming task. There are many elements to consider including size and shape of the space, theme, usage, costs and more. If you’re looking for a new bath, but you’re unsure of what style or design you’d like, why not consider the luxury of a freestanding bath?

Victoria + Albert Marketing Director, Jonathan Carter, gives his top five reasons to make the switch to a freestanding bath:

  1. Undeniable style
    The chic, modern and sophisticated designs of a freestanding bath are guaranteed to add longevity to your bathroom and design. With an abundance of stunningly luxurious designs available, from traditional claw-foot and slipper bath, to something more streamlined and modern, freestanding baths elevate any bathroom space from simply functional to deluxe.
  2. Home spa
    Freestanding baths will add a sense of opulence to your room. Simple, minimalistic bath designs with the classic white finish are synonymous with luxurious and affluent spa resorts. The striking aesthetics of a standalone bath will instantly create a paradise for homeowners to relax, indulge and unwind in, like that of a day spa.
  3. Perfect for small spaces
    Contrary to popular belief, a freestanding bath opens up the walls and floor, creating a sense of light and space. The majority of homes feature a built in bathtub, which take up more space and will make the room appear smaller because it is boxed in. Freestanding baths can be adjusted and angled to allow for narrow or more compact spaces.
  4. A pop of colour
    The joy of freestanding baths is that you can personalise the outside of the tub with a colour or finish of your choice. As a standalone item, customising the outside can create a real focal point in the room and is something that can’t be done with a built in bath. Victoria + Albert Baths are available in a wide range of finishes, including matt black, gloss black, matt white, stone grey, light grey and anthracite.
  5. Versatility
    Freestanding baths come in range of designs, styles and sizes, which is why so many interior designers opt for them when fitting out a space.  Whether your bathroom theme is classic country or a contemporary style, there is a design suited for all. The unrestricted nature of a standalone bath means there are naturally more opportunities to position the bath where you see fit, allowing it to be the main focal point of the space.

Victoria + Albert is a British company with a worldwide reputation for creating beautiful freestanding baths.

Image: Kim Duffin Design & Sublime Architectural Interiors

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