Emily Osmond: How I started getinmyhome

Much like her blogging career, Emily Osmond’s foray into the design world happened quite naturally. “I was always drawing floorplans of my bedroom when I was young, dragging around the furniture to rearrange it and using mum’s sewing machine to create cushion covers and accessories for my room. That then turned into my creating a folder of my favourite interior photos, torn out of mum’s magazines,” she says of her childhood.

The getinmyhome founder used her media background to her advantage while setting up her blog in the early days. “I was studying my Master of Communications at RMIT at the time and learning so much about the digital world – social media, websites and blogging,” she explains. “I’m not one to spend the evenings watching TV – I always like to have something to do, even if the TV is on in the background. I created a blog that become my hobby. It seemed a perfect next step from my folder of interior design photos.”

The blog’s organic development had much to do with the style of getinmyhome as it stands today. “There wasn’t too much thought that went into it – it was my hobby and I did it more for myself to start with,” Emily says. “There hasn’t been a huge change in the type of content I share. Tips, guides, interviews and design industry news are still the foundation of it, however I have been through several different website templates that will no doubt continue into the future.” This periodical chop and change has resulted in getinmyhome gaining a reputation as having its own ‘feel’. “I know I am attracted to different online hubs based on their design and content. I know people will be attracted to getinmyhome if the topics we post about, and the look and feel of our blog resonates with them,” she says.

Surprisingly, social media was not at the forefront of the blog’s strategy when it started, yet it has played a pivotal role in maintaining the popularity of getinmyhome. “I started my blog in 2012 without social media, so I actually find SEO (getinmyhome ranks nice and high in organic search results) brings more visitors to the blog than social media. However, I know the power of social media (it’s what I do at Good Media – my day job) so 2017 is all about ramping this up for the blog,” she explains. “At Good Media, I help my clients with strategy, training and support with their social media, so I know so many people struggle with knowing what content to share and create an engaged community online. Social media is always changing so there are constantly lessons to be learnt.”

Running her business in addition to her blog has been a constant juggle but the pressure has helped Emily prioritise and delegate. “The most difficult part of it all is time management – it’s not easy,” she reveals. “I’ve brought on an extra pair of hands to manage getinmyhome this year. I only just started Instagram for the blog, which will be one of the focuses this year. Email management is a big time commitment – we are lucky to have so many designers and PR companies contacting us with their news. But I recognised I needed someone to help reply to them all.”

It’s this constant juggle that keeps things interesting in Emily’s life. “My daily routine is a mix,” she explains. “In no particular order, I do phone calls, strategy sessions, new client meetings, content writing, social media posting and responding to fans. I also exercise, spend time with my partner, read marketing and design news and reports, and plan workshops.”

Despite the frenetic pace, Emily is just as effervescent about getinmyhome’s past successes, as she is about future possibilities. “It’s been really exciting to be featured in Domino mag and on Pedestrian TV. It’s also not hard to keep the content fresh and exciting – there are so many wonderful Australian designers creating brilliant products all the time. We’re spoiled for choice,” she laughs. And it is this emphasis on Australian products that sets her apart from her competition. “Sweat, blood and tears go into running a small business – I know that first hand,” Emily says. “If I can help showcase independent businesses’ incredible products to more people through getinmyhome, then at least I’m playing a very small part in helping them thrive.”

When asked about her biggest inspirations, Emily credits her solid family background and business owner community for keeping her grounded, and helping her make plans for the future. “Being able to speak with them, exchange stories, get advice, and ask for their feedback is invaluable. And of course, I want to keep consolidating, building and innovating my businesses. An overseas holiday or two would top it off perfectly.”

What are your “must look out for trends” in 2017?
I advise people to steer clear of any ‘matchy matchy’ looks. Avoid the package furniture deals and choose pieces that complement each other but allow for variety and interest in your home too.

What is your favourite piece of design furniture or decorative piece?
I love my glass-top circle dining table. It’s a lovely way to gather people together over a meal and keeps the room really light with it not having a timber top.

What are the three things that every stylish home should have?
There’s really no rule here – the home has to make the owner happy, and the pieces that will do that are always going to be unique to the individual. However, plants do add a lush feeling to the home and are great for our mood too.

What are your tips on how to instantly freshen up a space?
Clear the surfaces of dusty knick-knacks and add some beautiful fresh flowers and plants.

If you had $1000 to spend on your living room, what would you buy?
A beautiful piece of art.

What’s on your decor wishlist?
We are apartment living at the moment so there is limited wall space, but I can’t wait to start buying art pieces when we upsize. Lots of my furniture is white, so I’m going to be choosing some fab pieces with colours.

What items can’t you live without?
It’s not an item, but I won’t live anywhere without a big dose of natural light.

Emily Osmond is the founder of style portal, getinmyhome

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