Charlie Albone’s top gardening tips

  1. Work out what style of garden you want. Find inspiration from a variety of sources. Don’t just jump in and start doing it because you will end up with a higgledy-piggledy finished product.
  2. Don’t overlook your soil, particularly in Australian gardens because it gives plants everything they need, so it’s important to get that right.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask others for advice: gardening is one of those great things where people are more than happy to impart knowledge. It’s not competitive and people want to see everybody do well and enjoy it as much as they do.
  4. Budget has to come into it early on in the piece. You have to think how much you are willing to invest. You have to make sure your aims are realistic, but also to achieve the desired goal.
  5. There has to be an overriding theme of what you want to get out of the garden and that may mean focusing on some areas more than others if the budget isn’t there to do it all.

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