Buying Land Cheatsheet

We know the buying land process can seem quite daunting. Here are our top tips to making that process smoother.

Top 5 considerations when buying land:

  1. Size
  2. Shape
  3. Orientation
  4. Slope
  5. Soil type

Questions buyers should ask:

  1. When can I get title?
  2. What other communities have you delivered?
  3. What makes this land unique? Better?
  4. Is there anything different I should be aware of regarding the sales contract?
  5. What additional costs should I prepare for, if any?

(Source: Villawood Properties)

Extra direction on orientation:

  1. North-South (with north-facing backyard) – Most popular orientation. Have outdoor spaces and living areas to the back of the house, bedrooms to the front
  2. North-South (road frontage to the north) – Must be reconfigured to give you living/private outdoor space towards the front. Consider a U-shaped house that integrates a courtyard and allows north sun into the rear areas
  3. East-West (with west-facing backyard) – In summer months the western sun can be very hot. Ensure you have adequate shading, and have a courtyard on the north side
  4. East-West (road frontage to the west) – Consider having spare bedrooms, study or secondary living spaces to the front (because it will get hot in summer), and have outdoor spaces on the north and east side

(Source: Arden Homes)

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