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Baiden Griffiths – Senior Sales Consultant, Eight Homes

What attracted you to the industry (and when)?
I started in the industry about three years ago. I had previously built a home at Melton and found the whole process interesting. I had a few friends who worked in the industry and really enjoyed it, so I thought I would give it a go and I haven’t looked back.

What do you love most about the industry?
I love working in my local area where I grew up and still live, and being able to help people realise that the dream of building and owning their own home is much more achievable than they think. Being able to assist clients in getting their foot in the property market, which a lot of people consider a pipe dream, is a great feeling.

What do you consider your greatest challenge (in the industry)?
Overcoming the negative perception that every builder is there to rip you off is the biggest challenge. Historically this has been an issue, but these days with access to reviews, forums and info, being transparent is an absolute must.

Biggest regret?
Not joining the industry 10 years ago. Before joining Eight Homes, I had a few other good jobs, but the satisfaction of helping people build their first home, dream home or downsize to be able to achieve the lifestyle they want is really rewarding. From a professional development point of view, I currently am part of a leadership group, which is all about improving the business as much as we can and mentoring other employees to get them where they want to be. It’s nice to have the scope to be part of the bigger picture and be able to help other workmates achieve their goals along with my own.

Worst trend?
There are a few on this list – awfully thick stone benchtops which suit a certain style of home, but not many. There’s overlandscaped yards, too many decks, screens and feature elements. In my opinion, simple and practical is best. Also with the amount of accessible information on trends and latest fashions out there, I think some people get too focused on what is ‘trendy’ instead of focusing on what they personally like and what works for them.

Best change?
Indoor/outdoor living. As a person with a young family, time spent outside with kids, pets, family and friends is important. The addition of al fresco options, along with large doors to open up inside and outside, is wonderful. Taking it a few steps further with servery windows and access to butler’s pantries makes barbecues and entertaining an amazing experience. The Utani 4-41 incorporates these items and it is amazing.

If you had the power, how would you improve the planning process?
More certainty with land titles. Land title delays are a fairly common issue. It is difficult to predict and get spot on as unforeseen issues can occur, but once people have delays, it can throw all their pre-made plans out of the window. Sometimes they have sold their house and opted to rent or move in with family. Extending the time before they can be in their new home can ruin the whole experience, no matter how smoothly everything else runs.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about building?
That it is a terrifying process and a massive task. It can be so rewarding to have done something to help, namely that you have been an integral part of designing specific to your client.

If building tomorrow, what feature would you most like incorporated in your home?
I am planning a new home, so storage, storage and more storage. My wife has informed me a fireplace is non-negotiable.

What tips would you give for future-proofing a home?
Keep it simple. Don’t get caught up in trends or fads that will not stand the test of time. Also with home designs and everything being so open plan these days, I can’t imagine things regressing to hallways and doors everywhere again.

What do you think building a home will be like in 2030?
I have a feeling technology may make me semi-redundant. The introduction of 3D designs and being able to do everything on your tablet are examples of how technology has improved the process. That being said, getting expert advice will still be necessary in 2030 regarding the biggest investment most people will ever make.

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