More people than ever before are building their dream homes and starting a new life in Melbourne’s ever-expanding Urban Growth Zones, and we’d love to play a part in sharing your story.

Each month, Urban Life will assist you on this exciting journey – from saving a deposit and finding a design you adore, to landscaping and moving into your new home.
We’re here to inform and inspire you about the latest developments, utilising technology and the expertise of industry leaders to keep you abreast of any changes that may affect how you turn your dream into reality.

Urban Life offers readers a unique interactive experience.

  1. Simply download the Urban Life Magazine app from the App Store.

  2. Open the app and then hold your phone over the advertisement or editorial page.

  3. The app will then seamlessly deliver you to the digital link behind the page. This may be a competition offer from us; a builder’s website offering a virtual reality display home tour; it may take you to a selection of new home or interior ideas; or you might find rich media offerings, like video related to the page you scan.

Urban Life team:

Ross Copeland

Ross McGravie

Kylie Mibus

Tiffany Copeland

For advertising enquiries please contact:

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Email: ross@publicitypress.com.au 

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